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The Buy Any dot com fire sale is a great chance to pick up a domain name at wholesale ( trade ) prices. We are becoming more focused on health, politics, security and crypto currencies, so we are having a bit of a clearout, and making some names available to people who will make better use of them. If you think a price is too high, then please make an offer, but be aware that you may lose the name if somebody else pays the BIN whilst we are negotiation. Transfer to the buyer is immediate once Name Silo has received cleared funds, and the name is no longer under our control.

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This name is registered through Name Silo, and it is available for immediate or fast transfer via a domain push. Escrow is included in the purchase price, and there is no other charge to the buyer. You will need to have a Name Silo account to receive the name, and you can open an account by clicking on the link below. Once the name is in your ccount, you can transfer the name to another registrar ofyour choice, or leave it with Name Silo. Name Silo include free privacy with their registrations, and offer some of the lowest prices in the domain industry. Once a payment is submitted to Name Silo, the name is locked, and the transfer to your account is immediate once funds have been cleared

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