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When I first registered "Odd Hands" I had plans to develop a poker and bridge information site for card players and gamblers. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to work on the site, and I am now reluctantly offering the domain name for sale. It has potential for branding in other sales areas as well. It would make a great name for a hand and nail cosmetic service. It could also be used to develop an employment agency for temporary staff, and emergency employment aid.

There is increasing interest in palmistry on the Internet. Modern life is creating a variety of health problems, and these can be reflected in the palms of your hands. Odd hand represent an interesting insight into these problems, and can provide a means to help people to recover fromthe cares and traumasof life.

The Aye Aye has got some of the oddest hands in the animal kingdom. What a great site this could be if it described the odd hands of animals, and showed you pictures of them.

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Who are you guys?

  • Kuffy

    Kuffy is a domain name investor, and website developer. He's always interested in selling one of his domain names with or without the branding or the website.

  • English Lens

    English Lens is an amateur photographer, who is happy to allow web site developers to use his photographs as long as he getsthe credit for their creation.

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